Published: 2019-11-25

Vitamin K induced anaphylactic reaction in a child: a case report

R. Hari Babu, S. Hari Priya, J. Tejaswi, P. Thireesha, S. Vidyadhara


Vitamin-K is commonly indicated in pediatric patients with coagulation disorders, hepatic disease, warfarin toxicity, sepsis-induced disseminated reaction. Minor complications are very well known, but anaphylactic reactions are rarely reported in children. We present a case of a 13-year-old child who developed anaphylactic reaction following intravenous administration of Vitamin-K. He was managed with Inj. Adrenaline 0.35mg IM, Inj. Avil 22mg IV slowly over 20 mins, Nebulization with salbutamol 1mg. The reaction was most probably due to an anaphylactic reaction to Vitamin-K.


Anaphylactic reaction, Causality, Vitamin-K

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